BTS Drops New “Butter” Teasers, Now We’re More Confused Than Ever

Solo concept clips for RM and Jungkook have been revealed.

BTS just gave the world a taste of their upcoming single “Butter”, and it’s leaving everyone with more questions than answers!

At 11:00 AM (EST), Big Hit Music released the first concept clip for “Butter”, featuring Jungkook. The setting is psychedelic and surreal, flooded with blue and purple light. Jungkook adds a heart-shaped block of butter to his toast as a drumbeat plays.

The second concept clip features RM in the same lighting. At the end of the clip, he shoots confetti into the air. The concept clips’ videography, colors, and RM’s dance moves may call to mind ’80s music videos.

If BTS’s disco-pop track “Dynamite” took us on a trip to the 1970s, perhaps “Butter” will be inspired by the 1980s? Will it be an upbeat track or a dark concept? The concept clips are so different than the bright yellow teaser that fans don’t know what to expect!

“Butter” will be released on May 21. Until then, check out these theories about the first “Butter” concept photos, or find out more about RM and Jungkook’s shoes.

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