How Well Do You Know BTS? HYBE Gives Fans A New Way To Test Their Knowledge 

There’s a fun new way to prove your skills.

Do you consider yourself a BTS aficionado? HYBE is giving fans a new way to hone their skills while having fun with friends.

BTS | Samsung/Facebook

Constellar Korea is teaming up with HYBE to bring ARMY a BTS edition of the popular card game, DYKM: Do You Know Me?

| Constellar Games 

The BTS DYKM game will include 430 questions about BTS as well as 50 limited edition answer cards with BTS’s photos on them. The packaging for DYKM suggests that these photos will be from BTS’s BE album, “Dynamite” and “Permission to Dance” singles, and more.

| Constellar Games 

If you’re hoping to get your hands on BTS DYKM, head over to the Weverse Shop or G Market. Preorders for the card game will open on May 11 at 11 AM (KST).

| Constellar Games
Source: Nbntv