BTS Holds A Serious Debate About Whether Or Not Raisins Should Be Included In Bread

Raisins or no?

In episode 132 of Run BTS!, the members had a serious debate about whether or not raisins should be put in bread.

Jimin, who was adamant about it not being in bread, emphasized the fact that raisins interfered with the soft texture of the bread.

There are a lot of people that eat bread in the world, with plain bread being the most well-known to the public. But why would you put raisins in it and interfere with the soft texture of the bread?

— Jimin

While the other members gave specific reasons for including raisins in bread, Jungkook took a more simple approach.

Bread with raisins! It’s tastes good! It adds a sweet flavor to the bread. It’s good. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Raisins are yummy…

— Jungkook

V added that bread with raisins was just another thing to help develop and upgrade the world, just like mint chocolate and Hawaiian pizza.

But honestly, V’s statement totally sums it up!

Why would they make bread with raisins? It’s because a lot of people think it tastes good!

— V

What type of bread do you like? Raisins or no raisins!

Source: theqoo