The BTS Members Meet With Animals On Set And Their Reactions Are Complete Opposites

Are you more like V or Jimin?

Behind the scenes of BTS‘s performances for Good Morning America and the “Permission to Dance” music video, the members met with the tiniest pooch!

The little Pomeranian was two years old which meant he was all done growing, even at such a small size.

The puppy was consistently adorable, but all of the members had completely different reactions! J-Hope was confused about how the dog was so small…

….and he even compared him to Yeontan, V‘s dog.

Meanwhile, Jungkook tried his best to train the pooch and give him commands.

Jimin, however, wasn’t having it with this adorable animal getting all the attention!

To be honest, I’m cuter than him, especially now with my bangs.

— Jimin

Certified lover of all things cute and cuddly, V fell head over heels the pup.

He even ran off with him…

…and spent some quality time together out of the sun!

Watch BTS’s full interaction with the dog below.