BTS’s Universe Drama, “Blue Sky” Already Has Its Cast But This Is How Serious They Are About Maintaining Top Secrecy

They have already completed the script-reading.

Fans would have heard by now that Bighit Entertainment and Chorokbaem Media are set to join hands for a drama based on the BTS members’ struggles and lives. The drama, Blue Sky is still under production and a set date has not yet been released.

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Yesterday, it was stated by actor Seo Ji Hoon that he would not be playing a character in the drama. Today, it is reported that the production firm wants to maintain the utmost level of secrecy with regards to the drama.

Every cast and crew has to sign a non-disclosure agreement before they are taken on. As spoilers and news spread quickly online, the production team is taking all measures possible to maintain security and secrecy. If the agreement is flouted, there will be a hefty fine to pay.

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This is an uncommon occurring in K-Dramaland – most of the time, news about casting and production is commonly leaked by representatives or insiders to the press. However, even as the script-reading has already been conducted, details about Blue Sky is strictly kept under wraps. During the script-reading, even managers were not allowed into the room. Rumours about actors Seo Ji Hoon, Woo Hee Jin and Kim Nam Hee have been flying around, but there has been no confirmed news thus far about the cast.

Actress Woo Hee Jin | MBC

Measures such as reduction of stylist and hair and makeup team have been put in place to minimize leakages about the drama, and scripts that are normally sent around by errand-runners can now only be collected and delivered to the actors by a designated staff.

The crank-in (first filming) was slated for the end of August originally, but it will have to be pushed off due to the heightened social distancing measures in light of the new spike in numbers of COVID19 cases.

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The secrecy and todo has ruffled feathers of some, as many comments online by netizens have questioned the need for such measures. Even a staff from a management agency has commented that they do not see the need for such secrecy even if it is true that details about BTS and their lives as used for the drama may be sensitive, as fans already know most about the boys. Watch this space as we wait for more details to officially be released about Blue Sky.

Source: theqoo