BTS Dubbed Themselves And Jungkook Just Couldn’t Keep It Together

This role swap made him laugh until it hurts.

BTS gave Jungkook‘s smile muscles the workout of a lifetime!

In Episode 109 of Run BTS!, BTS tried their hand (or rather, their voice) at dubbing clips from The Lion King, Toy Story, and Zootopia. They nailed every scene, and the director of Zootopia even reached out to Jimin for a collaboration.

On August 11, BTS released a director’s cut for this episode, in which the members dub each other. This role swap had everyone laughing, but if there’s one person who couldn’t get a grip, it’s Jungkook…

…who was voiced by V.

As soon as V read his first lines, Jungkook and Jimin nearly busted their lungs, trying not to laugh out loud.

Less than a minute later, J-Hope‘s spot-on imitation of Jin brought on another giggle fit…

…and it was all downhill from there!

No matter how hard Jungkook tried to hold in his laughter, he couldn’t do it.

RM and V were especially good at making him laugh…

…over and over again!

Just when it seemed like Jungkook had finally gotten control of himself, this happened. “Don’t laugh,” V scolded, playfully. Good luck with that!