BTS Shares Everything We Need To Know About Their Brand New Single “Dynamite”

They really wanted to share this precious song with fans as soon as they could!

BTS hosted a press conference for their upcoming release, “Dynamite” this morning. Although the press conference was media, we’ve got you covered! From their thoughts to about the new title track to the message behind it, and the upcoming album, here’s everything you need to know about the album.

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As fans are highly excited about the new song, the boys were of course, asked to talk about it and introduce it to the fans. Suga shared that the song is one that contains the message of happiness and confidence, and will definitely make listeners dance to it due to the bubbly disco vibes.

It is a song with the message of happiness and confidence. As it is a bubbly disco-type song, I believe that many who listen to it will bop along to it.

— Suga

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He also shared that the song was dedicated to those feeling down due to the pandemic and struggling in life recently.

It has the message of doing what we each can during trying times. Recently it feels like we’re falling down as we are running, and so you can think of it as a song dedicated to everyone that feels like this. The lyrics “light it up” that mean to shine a light – I hope it gives strength to many people.

— Suga

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RM took a more serious note and explained that they originally had no plans to drop this single. They originally were working on an album to release in the later half of 2020, and during the process they came up with “Dynamite”. RM shared that this song was even more meaningful, as they had wanted to try out a song that was simply upbeat and happy, rather than the weighty songs they had always been angling towards.

Originally we had no plans of releasing this song. To be honest, since early this year, we had been working on an album to release in the later half of 2020, and while preparing, in the process we did many songs and somehow came to this one. The moment we heard it, we were really excited. To be honest, we wanted to try the kind of song that has no weight and is exciting, so when we heard it we were in a really great mood. Even during the recording process, we kept dancing and completed it excitedly. While working on it, I thought that I wanted to hurry and share it with fans. As much as the situation is as such, I wanted to drop a shocking single so as to able to give energy to people. I worked on this hard so as to be able to drop it quickly, as I wanted to hurry and let many enjoy this exciting song.

— RM

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V also further shared that the reason for the decision to release the song in English! The English lyrics simply suited the song better, and so they made the executive decision to go with it rather than write Korean lyrics for the song.

When we first received these songs, all the members were really happy. You get excited just by listening to it. While recording the guide, the English lyrics fit the melody better and it was a different vibe from our usual, and so we came up with the opinion that the English lyrics suited the song and melody better.

— V

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J-Hope also shared that they particularly put in effort so that the listeners could really get a feel of the song’s intended vibe and message, which was a happy and feel-good one!

The feel was great when we first listened to the demo and we thought the message fit well too. While recording, it was like we were gaining strength. The want to share this with many people was big and we really tried to do justice to this feel-good vibe that we got when we first listened to the song. As we do with other songs, we focus on conveying the song’s vibes well. We put in more effort so that the listeners can gain strength and so that the message is well conveyed.

— J-Hope

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Jimin shared a little more sombrely about how the song helped the group to relieve some of the emotional duress felt due to the pandemic. The new challenge the song presented helped them to get out of the feelings of helplessness and emptiness.

When everyone had fallen into a helplessness and emptiness due to unpredictable circumstances, us too, we needed a new challenge to escape from those feelings and so I think that this was an opportunity that was presented to us. This song is one that anyone can feel energy from.

— Jimin

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For those thinking about what flashy dance moves the group might pull this time, Jungkook shared that the “point choreography” this time, was actually that the moves are super simple! Rather than having a hard-hitting performance, they chose to do moves that will hype everyone up instead.

I think the choreography this time around came out modern and refreshing, matching with the song’s vibes. There are many moves that fans can follow along to and dance in their bedrooms, so it’s really fun. I think you can really anticipate it. The dance also shows off the members’ individual charms and uniqueness, and there are many gestures within the choreography. We had fun practicing as well, so everyone will be able to easily enjoy it too.

— Jungkook

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As the song was a new challenge for BTS, RM and Jin explained a little more on why the members thought it to be so. Not only were the English lyrics a fresh spin on things, the lightweight choreography and tune were also something the boys had not tried before.

Well the song is really funky. It’s disco pop in genre. So from the beginning to the end, the song is energetic and refreshing. The melody and the choreography are both easy to follow. And we recorded the song hoping that our fans can get as hyped up as we do when they listen to it. That’s also why we decided to release it as a digital single. That’s experimental for us. The English lyrics are new for us too. We’re trying new things and we’re excited to see where these attempts take us.


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We wanted to send messages of hope and encouragement in the form of what we do best — which is singing and dancing. Recording the song in English was not easy, but it definitely felt different from our previous works. So I think this will show the fans a new side of BTS.

— Jin

Are you guys ready to be blown away? The song drops in less than an hour so get ready to “light it up” with the boys of BTS!

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