BTS’s J-Hope Spreads The “Jin Over Flowers” Agenda

Jin looks better than any flower!

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jin are such an iconic, hilarious duo!

BTS’s J-Hope and Jin | @cbrownieo/Twitter

In the latest BANGTAN BOMB video, J-Hope was shown pretending to be a flower shop owner while filming the “Permission to Dance” music video.


Almost immediately, Jin showed up to J-Hope’s pretend flower shop to ask how much a cactus costs.

J-Hope responded, “The cactus? As expensive as your face.”

Worldwide Handsome Jin shot back, “Oh, that’s expensive.” 

This funny exchange was totally reminiscent of the members’ and ARMYs’ running jokes about the members being prettier than flowers.

There was even a “Seokjin Over Flowers” card in the mobile game BTS World!

| BTS World

We 100% agree with Jin and J-Hope that any cactus that looks as good as Jin must be super expensive, and ARMY loved seeing Jin and J-Hope joke around together!

Check out the full BANGTAN BOMB below.