The Clip Of BTS’s J-Hope Nearly Spanking A Backup Dancer Turns Out To Be Edited

Jimin’s “reaction” was apparently edited in too.

BTS‘s J-Hope recently performed at Lollapalooza as the first Korean act to headline the festival, and his stage was met with all kinds of praise and admiration!

Whether he was performing by himself or with his talented backup dancers, he absolutely owned the stage with his charisma and energy.

One moment that went viral on TikTok was a clip of J-Hope appearing to nearly spank one of his backup dancers during “Hope World”, along with fellow member Jimin‘s apparent reaction to the moment.


Hoseok con la rubia…ME TOCA #btsarmy #hobilollapalooza #hoseok #viral #fyp #esamanoalbitro

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However, further footage has now shown that the “spank” wasn’t quite as risqué as it appeared!

Because of the angle of the shot, J-Hope’s hand appeared to just barely miss the backup dancer. At a different angle, however, it becomes clear that he was actually quite some distance away from her.

You can watch the entire performance of “Hope World” at this angle here.

Along with this, fans have said that Jimin’s apparent “reaction” to the spank by covering his face was actually edited into the TikTok from a different moment. It was allegedly his reaction to J-Hope sending an air hug his way during the performance!

Jimin and J-Hope

Regardless of all this, J-Hope had great chemistry with his backup dancers during his performance, and they all seemed to have a blast on stage together!