BTS J-Hope’s Reaction To RM In The “Sexy Nukim” Music Video Is All Too Relatable

J-Hope gushes over BTS’s leader.

BTS‘s RM recently featured on Balming Tiger‘s “Sexy Nukim” and drove ARMYs crazy with his sultry rap lyrics.

BTS’s RM in the “Sexy Nukim” music video | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The unexpected collaboration is receiving rave reviews from fans and the Korean hip-hop community.

Recently BigHit Music producer Supreme Boi, sibling rappers Lil Cherry and GOLDBUDDA, rappers Jang Ji SouOh HyukZion.TJay ParkJUSTHIS, WINNER‘s Mino, MILLI, and BTS’s J-Hope, comedians Psick Univ., and actor Moon Sanghoon all reacted to the cinematic “Sexy Nukim” music video, and their reactions were all too relatable.

As soon as the deep vocal of Balming Tiger’s BJ WNJN began the song, the star-studded line-up of artists reacting to the video couldn’t help bobbing their heads along to the beat.

When it came to RM’s verse, J-Hope immediately smiled widely as he enthusiastically reacted to his line. The BTS leader started strong with his lyrics. In his scene, a toy Ferrari was on the road, which was run over RM’s bicycle wheel while he rapped, “that cheap-a** rollie and ‘rarri, yo what you doin’ boy?

J-Hope couldn’t hold back his laughter at the comedic scene. It’s well-known that RM doesn’t have a driver’s license and often rides his bike instead.

Jay Park complimented RM’s feature saying, “RM’s appearance is really refreshing,” while MILLI was left speechless. Lil Cherry hilariously added, “Woah! He is so good-looking!

When the music video was over, J-Hope was gushing over the collaboration, praising Balming Tiger for showing off their signature style and complimenting Balming Tiger member Leesuho, whom he said he has worked with before.

As for his final thought’s on RM’s part, J-Hope hilariously called his scenes “amusing” and found it funny that the BTS leader wore a suit while acting out his part. Of course, he found RM’s talent impressive, saying, “personally, I really like his rapping style, so it’s fabulous. I can’t help clapping.

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