ARMYs Are Loving A Small Detail They Noticed Included In BTS J-Hope’s New Merch

Get your tissues ready. 🥺

J-Hope‘s brand new merch items have joined BTS‘s “Artist-Made Collection,” and the true meaning is all in the details!

| @HYBE_MERCH/Twitter

As an item that you keep in your house and will see every day, he hopes that ARMYs can see the thoughtful item and think of him.

Additionally, since you can grow plants in the pots (or keep them with the “HOPE” letters inside), it will make any ARMY smile.

It also gives off positive vibes.

— J-Hope  

However, the most sentimental part of all is a small detail located on the outside of each pot.

Written in J-Hope’s handwriting, his own lyrics adorn the pots!

From the song “Magic Shop,” ARMYs know just how meaningful this song is to both the fans themselves and BTS.

The lyrics are also perfect for growing plants, since they mention “blossom!”

J-Hope’s thoughtful creation is full of love and sentimental meanings, making it a perfect gift for his fans.

And even when I’m not around of out of your sight, I’ll always be by your side. I tried to portray this beautiful message as I designed this plant pot set.

— J-Hope

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