BTS’s J-Hope Appears As Crush’s First Guest On “BlackVOX” Ahead Of Collab Single “Rush Hour”

They talk about the new song, share some laughs, and more!

Crush recently announced his latest track “Rush Hour” featuring and starring J-Hope of BTS. With a release date of Thursday September 22 at 6PM KST (5 AM EST), episode 1 of Crush’s show BlackVOX is set to be released at the same time.

BTS’s J-Hope and Crush | @OfficialPnation/Twitter

As the very first guest, J-Hope makes an exciting appearance in the teaser.

I’m riding in this car again!

— J-Hope

This is my second time seeing a neat/clean Crush haha!

— J-Hope

J-Hope admitted with a smile that he was nervous…

…but that didn’t stop him from revealing all about his collaboration with Crush.

  • Crush: “What’s the reason we’re working on the song “Rush Hour” together?”
  • JH: “I just trust Crush hyung and I’ll go forward with the collaboration.”

The two shared plenty of laughs…

It sounds like what you would hear at an audition!

— Crush

…and jammed out to their upcoming song!

Mark the date September 22 in your calendar for the song, music video, and BlackVOX’s exciting release!

Check out the full trailer for the show featuring J-Hope below.