Here’s The Real Reason Why BTS’s J-Hope Is Uploading Blank, White Pictures To Instagram

Could it be…? 👀

During his birthday live broadcast, BTS‘s J-Hope decided to answer some of ARMY’s burning questions!

Birthday Boy J-Hope | Naver

Along with revealing his true multilingual abilities, he finally shared exactly why his Instagram is looking a little different lately. With the strange blank, white pictures uploaded between his normal photos, fans came up with all kinds of theories as to why this could be.

| @uarmyhope/Instagram

Is he switching up his feed for his coming mixtape? Is BTS’s comeback on the horizon? According to J-Hope, it’s all about the aesthetics.

The white photos? They’re just to adjust my feed…

— J-Hope

After receiving multiple questions about the pictures, he finally laid it to rest!

You all seem really curious about the blank photos. They don’t have any meaning!

— J-Hope

However, you can never be too sure about his reasoning: He could be fibbing and have a mixtape right around the corner, like Suga once did!

Sneaky Hobi!

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