Jin Isn’t The Only BTS Member With Chaotic Dad Jokes

This is actually so clever. 🤣

BTS‘s Jin is known for his cheesy sense of humor, but all BTS members have their moments where they can’t help but say the corniest puns!

| JustJared

While eating Chipotle during the filming of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jungkook mistook the name for “Chicotle.” Not only did the fast food chain themselves have a hilarious response, J-Hope also had a few laughs!

I thought they said ‘chocolate’ at first.

— J-Hope

His wit didn’t stop there. When Jungkook commented on the sour cream, J-Hope immediately responded with the perfect “dad joke.”

Fight? Fight what?

— J-Hope

In Korean, the word “fight” is translated to ssawo (싸워), which sounds a lot like sour!


Overhearing the pun, RM totally fell for it. J-Hope’s successful smile says it all!

Someone’s fighting?

— RM

It seems J-Hope can now add “dad jokes” to his list of many talents!

Check out the full video below.