BTS’s J-Hope Reveals How He Deals With The Hardships That Come With Fame

We can all learn something from him!

During an interview with Apple Music, BTS‘s J-Hope revealed his healthy mindset when asked about how he deals with the negative aspects of worldwide fame.

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He revealed he views his life is as if he’s fulfilling a calling or a greater purpose.

In doing this, part of his life motto is to be thankful for everything that happens in his life — good, bad, and everything in between. Along with this, he chooses to always be present in the moment.

All of this allows him to “live an accepting life.”

Similar to what he discusses in his song, “Ego,” J-Hope made a conscious choice to embrace the path he’s on in order to live with a healthy mindset and continue to follow his calling as J-Hope of BTS without regrets.

He also discussed how he realized many people who deal with such immense fame can have similar mixed feelings since it’s a natural reaction to a somewhat unnatural circumstance.

I have been listening to Justin Bieber’s ‘Lonely’ and have had many thoughts on how all people think similarly.

— J-Hope

He believes it’s important for each person to recognize their own issues they must deal with in life in order to come to terms with them.

J-Hope’s wise words can be applied to not only people dealing with fame but to anyone who is on their own journey in life and wants to live more confidently with their decisions.

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As expected from BTS’s owner of a healthy mindset, J-Hope’s admirable thought processes show how mentally mature and strong he truly is!

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