BTS’s J-Hope Ranks As The #1 Star Who Would Suit A Commercial For This Product

ARMY might catch him in a CF!

The BTS members have done all kinds of CFs, or commercial features, throughout the years. From BBQ chicken…

…to FILA clothing, there’s nothing they don’t suit!

Recently, J-Hope revealed some of the kind gifts he received from companies and one alludes to a potential spot in a future CF. He shared some luxurious gifts from brands like DIOR…

J-Hope’s gifts from DIOR | @uarmyhope/Instagram

…and even a giant stuffed teddy bear from Burberry. However, the product he was chosen as the ideal sponsor for isn’t fashion or art-related. Actually, it’s a lot more delicious!

Gift from Burberry | @uarmyhope/Instagram

J-Hope posted an adorable award from Buldak ramen where fans chose him as the idol they want to see in a ramen CF the most!


The #1 star who would suit a ramen CF

Eat ramen and have strength today* (pun with J-Hope’s name)

— Buldak Ramen

Gift from Buldak | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On an IDOL CHART poll, J-Hope took first place with 61,160 votes as the #1 star that suits a ramen CF.

J-Hope is the perfect choice because he eats deliciously…

…and he’s a great actor!

Plus, there’s no doubt he would drive sales through the roof!

Source: K-Trendy News