BTS’s Jimin And Jin Decorating Photo Cards Is A Chaotic Mess, And Fans Are Living For It

Fans are living for these Jinmin moments!

BTS released a new video on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel and revealed the members decorating their BE album photo cards!

The members split up into groups as they decorated their own photo cards with a variety of different stickers. Unlike the other members, who were comparably calm while decorating, Jin and Jimin radiated a totally different type of energy.

Right from the beginning, you can see the two of them going at each other as they try to decide what to put on their card. Just moments later, Jin makes up his mind on how he will decorate his. “I’m just gonna put stars because I’m a star.”

Seeing Jimin starting his, Jin says without looking, “Jimin, your’s looks pretty nice.” Puzzled, Jimin asks Jin to actually look at what he’s doing before saying something like that.

When explaining the meaning behind their card decorations, Jin confidently expressed that he used stars because his face was what shined the most. “My face is the part that shines the most from my body, right? And I emphasized my shiny face by putting little stars around that big star.”

Jimin decorated his card with his name and a flower…

…and Jin couldn’t tell the difference between the “flower” and the flower sticker!

All chaos aside, ARMYs hope they know they are our precious flower and star!

To watch more of their shenanigans, watch the full video below!