ARMYs Can’t Decide Which Perfumer Is Sexier — City Chic RM or Soft Sensual Jimin

Seriously, how can you pick one?

BTS‘s newest Samsung Galaxy commercial La Parfumerie follows the story of two perfumers, each with their own individual style and flair.

RM, displaying the Galaxy Note20 Mystic Bronze, exudes a chic and classy vibe in a luxurious grayscale background and business casual attire.

Jimin, using the Samsung DeX, is in a vibrant and colorful setting displaying his soft and ethereal visuals.

RM is calculated and methodical, planning and searching for essential oils to create his perfume.

Jimin is immersed in flowers, giving a sensual and lively feeling that almost makes it possible to smell the beautiful perfume.

Check out how well the two contrast with each other.

So, which do you prefer — Chic RM or sensual Jimin?

You can watch the whole advertisement below!