BTS’s Jimin Sells Out A $537 Shirt With Just A One Line In A Video

The kings of “sold out”.

BTS‘s Jimin appeared in a promotional video for Hyundai, asking fans “What does water mean to you?” Although he only showed up for less than a few seconds, fans immediately cottoned on to his fashion.


Wearing a red plaid shirt over a white tee, Jimin’s beauty stood out in the simple outfit. Some sleuthing led fans to find out that his plaid shirt was from none other than R13, a  luxury brand specializing in casual fashion.

| Star Today

The red plaid oversized shirt from R13 retails for603,500 KRW ($537 USD), making it a rather expensive item for most young fans. It seems like the hefty price tag did not deter ARMYs from owning a piece of BTS’s wardrobe. The item is currently sold out on the homepage.

This is not the first time he has sold out products. Previously, he caused expensive Louis Vuitton products to sell out after he wore them.


Source: Star Today