Jin Praises ARMY For Living Out BTS’s “Love Yourself” Message

He personally responded to a fan.

BTS‘s music has made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry, and the message behind it is changing lives.

Jin | Big Hit Entertainment

In 2017, BTS released their first album in the LOVE YOURSELF series, LOVE YOURSELF: Her, followed by LOVE YOURSELF: Tear, and LOVE YOURSELF: Answer in 2018. The series explored BTS’s personal journey to self-love, a theme that strongly resonated with millions of ARMYs.

LOVE YOURSELF: Her | Big Hit Entertainment

Over time, “love yourself” became much more than an album theme; it is now an anthem that positively impacts the way many fans see themselves. Likewise, BTS has continued to live out “love yourself” through their kind actions and philanthropic activities, such as their “Love Myself” campaign to end youth violence, for UNICEF.

Recently, a fan posted an English translation of lyrics from “Epiphany”, Jin‘s solo from LOVE YOURSELF: Answer. They thanked Jin for making fans smile and for helping them to love the person they see in the mirror.

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Jin personally responded to the message by saying, “When I see ARMYs putting ‘Love Myself’ into practice, I feel so proud.”

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BTS truly wants their fans to be happy!