BTS Jin Warns Gamers Leaving Malicious Comments That BigHit Will Take Legal Actions

BigHit is always watching.

During a recent live session for his birthday, BTS‘s Jin started playing a computer game with fans.


However, when trolls began leaving malicious comments in the chat room, Jin made sure to let them know that their comments can be used to sued them.

“I will let them know again that they need to be aware that they can be sued for what they say.

Everyone, should you say anything that’s not nice, it will be considered for legal actions. I hope everyone will be careful.”

— Jin


Jin explained that although there’s freedom of speech in the gaming world, any malicious comments can be used by BigHit Entertainment to take legal actions against them.

“Even before, I saw many malicious comments. It’s freeing to play games, but…”

— Jin


He sympathized with the gamers, claiming that it would be very unfortunate to be suddenly arrested while gaming.

“I saw a couple of nasty comments. Imagine how unfortunate it would be if you were playing a game and suddenly got arrested.

Let’s not leave those kinds of comments, everyone.”

— Jin


As BTS members are well known to enjoy playing games on their days off, gamers be warned that BigHit Entertainment is always watching over them to make sure that none of the members are harmed!