BTS’s Jin Just Won A Big Prize, But It’s Not What You Might Expect

Jin is proud of his newest “trophies”.

What BTS‘s Jin wants, he gets!

The lyrics for “MIC Drop” aren’t all talk; from debut until now, BTS have racked too many trophies to count. So many, in fact, that they have an entire space dedicated to their awards.

Recently, Jin added another prize to BTS’s collection. On August 28, he tweeted this photo of himself holding multiple plushies in front of BTS’s trophy case. The caption says, “Seokjinie and Pink Bean”.

| @bts_twt/

Pink Bean is a major boss from one of Jin’s favorite games, MapleStory. He definitely deserves a grand prize for defeating this boss, plus for all the hours he has dedicated to playing the game.

| MapleStory via Maki M/Youtube

Jin’s decision to pose in front of BTS’s trophies is a major flex that’s making ARMYs smile. It is, in a word, “leJindary”!