BTS Reveals Their Third And Fourth “Butter” Concept Clip Teasers

Solo concept clips for Jin and Suga have been revealed.

BTS has released two more concept clip teasers for their upcoming single “Butter”!

At 11:00 AM (EST), Big Hit Music dropped a short solo video for Jin. In it, he holds balloons while purple, blue, and green lights illuminate the set.

A concept clip for Suga was tweeted right after Jin’s. Suga snaps photos with a film camera, dressed all in black.

Both clips connect the members to the photos shown in the first “Butter” concept teaser photo. Jin’s clip links him to the yellow balloons, and Suga’s clip links him to the camera below the balloons.


These are the third and fourth concept clips to be released. Yesterday, Big Hit Music dropped their first concept clip, featuring Jungkook and a heart-shaped block of butter that corresponds to the “Butter” teaser photo.

The second clip, starring RM, connects to the photo of confetti.

Big Hit Music will release the next concept clips tomorrow at 11:00 AM (EST). Don’t miss it!

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