V Refuses To Let Jin Feel Like A “Burden” At BTS’s Las Vegas Concert

Burden? Not on his watch!

BTS‘s Jin is currently recovering from hand surgery, but he still put on an incredible show in Las Vegas.

Jin | @jin/Instagram

On April 15 and 16, BTS performed their final two PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LAS VEGAS concerts at Allegiant Stadium. At every show, Jin and his members worked together to keep him safe from harm.

V and Jin at BTS’s Las Vegas concert. 

For instance, they modified some of the choreography, and at times Jin performed seated.

Jungkook performed Jin’s part for “Butter.”   

During Jin’s Day 1 ending ment, he expressed his frustrations with his injury but stayed cheerful throughout.

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So, today I’m really mad. So, you know, even when I’m at 100%, I can’t really put on a perfect performance, but now I have a problem with my hand, so I couldn’t even do that much.

— Jin

On Day 4, J-Hope went out of his way to show everyone just how much Jin is loved and appreciated. His kind words brought Jin to tears.

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I want a big round of applause, a big cheer, for Jin. He made sure that [he’s not idle and still involved in every way he can] even when we were practicing. So give him a big shoutout. [None of the performances in Las Vegas felt incomplete in any way, hyung.]

— J-Hope

“J-Hope said some nice things about me just now,” Jin said afterward. “but actually I was kind of a burden on the team. All seven of us, we move as a team, we perform as a team. It shouldn’t have happened, but I got hurt.”

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As soon as heard the word “burden,” he stood up and made his way over to Jin.

V tapped Jin on the shoulder and said, “But, no burden, okay?” “Okay,” Jin agreed, smiling.

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For one thing, even if Jin can’t use his hands, he can still use his feet!

Jin kicking V during “So What.”

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