BTS Jungkook’s Favorite Black Bag Has A Special Meaning Behind It

ARMYs live for these kinds of hidden meanings!

BTS‘s Jungkook has been carrying around this black bag quite frequently these days.


He’s recently been sighted carrying the bag at the airport, while on his way to Los Angeles.


You can tell he loves the bag by the way he closely holds it to his side.


But there’s a special reason as to why it’s his most recent favorite bag…


Jungkook revealed during a livestream session that it was actually a birthday gift from Jimin!

“Jimin bought me a birthday present. He’s a gift fairy. Gift Fairy Park Jimin.

You know that black bag that I’ve been carrying? That was a gift from Jimin.”

— Jungkook


Jimin surprised Jungkook one day while they were filming their performances for Music Core.

“He gave it to me on the day we were at Music Core. He suddenly gave it to me.”

— Jungkook


Ever the cheesy older brother, Jimin always fawns over his gift for his younger brother!

“Every day, Jimin would look at the bag and say, ‘That’s a great bag.’ He would joke around like, ‘Isn’t that bag so great?’

I’m thankful, and I use it well.”

— Jungkook


It’s a great bag indeed! At a closer look, you can see the famous Louis Vuitton logo decorating its strap.


And it’s no ordinary bag from LV. It’s a Keepall Bandoulière Bag that’s worth over $3,000 USD!


It’s no wonder why Jungkook is totally in love with his new bag. It was a special gift from his best-friend-slash-brother, Jimin!