BTS’s Jungkook Reveals He Can’t Live Without These 4 Things

#4 sums up his personality.

BTS‘s Jungkook recently revealed the top 4 things he can’t live without.

| Weverse

During a recent interview about his favorite fairytale, Peter Pan, he decided to be realistic in his choice of 4 things he would take to Neverland.

1. Food

Everyone knows Jungkook loves his snacks!

For the amount of hard work he does, he needs to fuel himself.

2. His Phone

As a creative guy, Jungkook just can’t go without his phone.

Plus, he can stay connected to ARMY!

3. Water

At least he’s realistic with his choices!

4. People

Jungkook needs to be around the people he loves, whether it’s his fellow BTS members…

…or ARMY!

Jungkook is a practical man who only needs the necessities!

| Weverse