BTS’s Jungkook Proves He’s A Musical Genius By Perfectly Copying A Song He Heard For The First Time

The song was released before he was even born.

BTS‘s Jungkook proved his musical prowess once more during an episode of Run BTS! where the boys had to play various games. The crew provided them with a song that was released in 1996, and the boys and to sing after it accurately.

This was extremely hard for the boys given the song’s unique beat. Further more, the song, “Jeong”, by Young Turks Club, was released a whole year before Jungkook was born! The older members might have at least heard it once or twice in their childhood.

Jungkook however, did not disappoint. He was immediately able to follow the song’s beat and tune after listening to it once.

He managed to do it perfectly both rounds.

Jungkook truly is a musical genius! No wonder he’s called the “Golden Maknae”.

Source: theqoo