BTS Jungkook Refused To Leave Han River Park Without Getting Some Food And It’s The Most Hilariously Relatable Thing Ever

Outdoor activities without snacks are a crime, and Jungkook is not trying to catch a case.

Despite being the biggest stars in the world right now, the members of BTS have held onto their endearingly down-to-earth personalities. In the recent episode of “Run BTS!” the group’s youngest, Jungkook, was especially relatable when he couldn’t stop whining for food as soon as he stepped foot in the Jamwon Han River Park.

During the episode, the group’s mission was to use their telepathy and go to the same place based on the keyword given to each member separately. But by round 3, Jungkook was fully focused on getting his hands on some snacks at Jamwon Park, where finally, all the seven members met.

Even before he reached the park, he had his mind set on buying some of the food available there. When he got to the place, the first thing he uttered to the other members was “Let’s eat ramen!

After Jimin jokingly chased him, trying to stop him from getting ramen, a sulky Jungkook resorted to bargaining and asked if he could at least have some ice cream.


Though RM told him to go get his ice cream, the rest of the members arrived at the park, and everyone got busy discussing the next round. For a moment, it looked like Jungkook had no luck in securing his ice cream until the next shot showed him getting into his car with a bag full of snacks.

He was so excited about his favorite corn ice cream that, for a moment, he got distracted while talking about ‘ARMY’, which was the keyword for the final round.

Jungkook’s quest for food eventually had an even happier ending when BTS went to a restaurant at the end of the episode, and all seven munched away on barbecued meat together.

The maknae is really holding down the position of the resident foodie and the resident cutie of BTS.