BTS’s Jungkook Just Sold Out A Bracelet That Supports A Great Cause

Jungkook sold out a great cause this time.

Everybody knows BTS‘s Jungkook is the sold-out king who sells out whatever he wears and uses.

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Jungkook recently wore an orange and blue checkered jacket and managed to make it sell out in just three hours.

| BTS/Weverse

But before this incident, Jungkook wore a particular bracelet during a recent live broadcast.

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And as soon as he was spotted wearing it, fans found out through the internet that the bracelet is made by the brand, Delixir, which actively aims to donate and volunteer for the cause of helping abandoned and sheltered dogs.

| @delixir_official/Instagram

While fans praised Jungkook for supporting a great cause through fashion, they naturally caused the bracelet to sell out.

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And while the brand expressed their shock at the overwhelming demand, they expressed their gratitude and promised to make their best efforts to meet the spike in the number of orders.

The bracelet, which is priced at ₩18,900 KRW (about $16.70 USD), is currently sold out on their store website.

Musk Shop | Naver

Talk about the Jungkook effect.

And for a great cause this time!

Source: Insight