Jin And V Give BTS’s Biggest Fanboys, Jungkook And RM, Their Autographs

Their reactions were so different. 😂

There’s only one way to pass time for BTS: Messing with each other! In their latest Bangtan Bomb, they killed some extra time by holding their own “fan-signing event” between the members.

Jin made his way over to RM and left without a word…

…and as soon as RM realized what was happening, he couldn’t hold back his laughter!

Next, V gave Jungkook his heartfelt autograph…

…and so did Jin.

However, it left Jungkook with a hilarious message!

To Jungkook. Throw this away

— Jin

To them, it’s a piece of trash, but to ARMYs, that paper was signed by the one and only Kim Seokjin!

Watch the full video below.