BTS’s V, Jungkook, Jin, and Suga Share Heartfelt Reflections About Their Billboard Hot 100 Win And Memories From The Past

V told an anecdote of him once being scammed in Seoul.

BTS‘s Media Day press conference just ended this morning and we’re here to deliver! Following what RM, Jimin and J-Hope had to say about their Billboard Hot 100 win, here’s what the rest of the lovely members had to share!

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Jungkook shared that he was just so, so thankful to have had all the luck in the world to meet the greatest people! He also concluded that it was like a huge gift for him as the results happened on his birthday.

I found out a bit later. When I checked the charts, I really had doubts while looking at the webpage. I just was blank for some time.

I want to say, I am so thankful and grateful to the ARMYs who helped us achieve this great result. I think that this result happened because of a combination of having met such good people, meeting BigHit Entertainment as a company, meeting good staff, meeting ARMYs, and having good luck. I am thankful to the members that are by my side, and I think this is an honor that I am able to leave such a huge record behind in my life.

It was my birthday as well, so it felt like I had received a huge present, and I was in such a good mood. I think I did well to have been born. I also want to say thank you to my parents. ARMYs, I am thankful and I love you.

— Jungkook

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In typical Jin fashion he totally thought someone was playing a practical joke on him as he thought the image was photoshopped! Being the sweetheart he is, he also wondered how to thank the fans.

I first saw it when RM uploaded the screenshot on our group chat. I said, “Ah, it must be photoshopped.” But 20 minutes later, the same photo was uploaded. When I realized that we really won first place, I was so happy and I thought about how to convey this to the fans.

I tried writing and rewriting a post on WeVerse as I worried about how to convey my emotions to the fans. I conveyed that BTS and ARMYs made this together. This was a song that we just purely made to let fans enjoy, but as the results are so good, we are really happy. This is all thanks to the fans. Thank you.

— Jin

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Suga on the other hand, was the happiest member about the news, according to RM! He had grown up listening to the Billboard charts and to achieve a first place on it, was so surreal for him. The cutie even pinched himself.

I still am kind of shaking and I don’t believe it. Especially as I always talked about our goals and of course, I only ever thought about that it would be nice to have a first place win on Hot 100 but I never really had it in mind as a goal, as we moved forward. But now that it has become a reality, I didn’t know what to do and it really feels like a dream.

When you achieve something, you feel overwhelmed. I even pinched myself to check it wasn’t a dream when we checked the results at dawn. It was so amazing. As someone who grew up listening to the Billboard Charts, I was so happy. I want to say thank you to the fans and ARMYs who made this possible with us.

— Suga

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V reminisced about the past and even brought up an incident where he and his dad got scammed by a taxi driver who purposefully took them on a ride when they came up to Seoul years ago. RM jokingly quipped that they should’ve had Kakao Taxi back then – an app which has a set fare range to ensure fair play.

However, now he thinks that these hard times are all fun memories in retrospect.

I didn’t know we would receive attention globally. Thinking about how we were 7 years ago, we came up to Seoul from our hometowns with nothing. We practiced in a tiny basement practice room, gathered noisily to practice song and dance… these memories are still vivid in my head.

When we were in discussions [about our contract], I took a taxi with my dad in Seoul, and we got scammed by the taxi driver. We didn’t even know that he took us through 3 tunnels just from the station to Sinsa. But I think because of those memories, it’s fun when we compare it to the success we have now. In the past, my dad just said, ‘Well things like that could happen.’ I didn’t understand it then, but now looking back, it has become such a fun memory. And I’m able to think the same.

Everything up to now, even the hard times, have all become really good memories to last. I am so happy right now. It feels like we’ve received the best gift ever. Much like today, I hope all of us can just throw away all of our worries and just be happy.

— V

BTS has certainly achieved more than one could ever imagine, although we do not discount the rough times they went through to get to where they are today. Stay tuned for more from Media Day!

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