Scooter Braun’s Recent Post Sparks Rumors About BTS And Justin Bieber Collaboration

Scooter Braun will be developing a K-Pop movie with Fox… and BTS is involved?

Famous American producer, Scooter Braun, of SB Projects recently announced his upcoming K-Pop movie with Fox.


The post included two screenshots of articles that have delivered the news, one of which used an image of BTS.

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Since the post, BTS fans have been getting extremely excited, hoping that this could lead to a collaboration with Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande (both of whom are represented by SB Projects).


On the other hand, some netizens were not as excited about the post due to the situation with 2NE1‘s CL.

  • “So how about CL? She’s been workin her ass off yet you didn’t even post a single thing about her? We understand that it’s nit ur fault that her album is on hold, but not posting a single thing about her achievements? That’s something we fans couldn’t understand. You’re killing her hype tbh! She has done a lot since the start of 2018 yet we heard nothing from you.and now this? If you don’t wanna lose her relevance then atleast talk about her! You know your power and influence so use it ..”
  • “Do you remember @chaelincl? Cuz we do. Really, you should say something about CL. We have been waiting for years, we want to know something about her music.”


CL had become a part of SB Projects back in 2014 and some fans were unhappy about the fact that Scooter Braun had not posted anything about CL.

Scooter Braun formally welcomes CL to management company, SB Projects


Meanwhile, the K-Pop movie that will be created by Scooter Braun will be based on the story of an Asian American college student who enters and becomes a top competitor of South Korea’s toughest K-Pop competition show.

This photo and specific event has no relation to Fox’s upcoming K-Pop movie.

Elyse Hollander, who is known for her no.1 2016 Black List Script Blond Ambition, will be responsible for the screenplay.

Source: Deadline