BTS Stays Loyal To Their Brands, Renews With SMART For 3rd Year In A Row

No matter how popular they get, BTS never forgets the brands that sought them out even before all the historical achievements.

BTS has renewed their modeling contract with the popular school uniform brand, SMART. They’ve been the brand’s models for 3 years now.


SMART’s representative announced that they’ve renewed their contract with BTS in order to produce high quality uniforms for a global audience.


BTS continues to fit right in with SMART’s brand image, and they plan to continue creating a great partnership with BTS with another year of brand promotions and activities.

“BTS, who’ve become world stars, have renewed their contract with SMART school uniform brand in order to make high quality uniforms for not just Korea but China and more. They fit right in with the brand’s image goals.

We plan to hold a wide variety of activities with BTS, and we believe we’ve created great synergy with them throughout the last 2 years.”

— SMART’s Representative


BTS has been their models since 2016, just a few years after their debut.


Throughout the years, SMART and BTS have hosted a variety of events for students, such as “Family Love’s Day”, “Talk Through Style”, “Ch.BTS”, and more.


SMART has already spread images of BTS in their 2019 line of school uniforms, and will soon launch easy and fun events for the students to get closer to BTS!


SMART isn’t the only brand that BTS have stayed loyal to, they’ve also renewed with PUMA for their 4th year!


It comes as no surprise, since BTS is one of the most desired brand models today!

Source: eDaily