BTS And 3 Other K-Pop Artists Just Scored New Songs On Billboard’s Song Sales Chart

One has never charted before!

Billboard has released their latest list for their weekly World Digital Song Sales chart, which ranks the 25 most popular international singles in the United States based on sales. As usual, K-Pop reigns supreme with 16 of the listed songs from the music genre, and four of them were newly added for the first time this week!


The highest-ranking is BTS‘s latest release, “Film Out”, which unsurprisingly spends its debut week at #1 on the chart. BTS could practically be called the kings of this chart at this point, as they’ve had an incredible 138 songs that have ranked on the list, with 27 of them reaching #1! “Mic Drop” is their longest-charting song, with 140 total weeks spent on the Billboard list.

Along with “Film Out”, they have 6 other songs on the chart this week: “My Time” at #2; “Euphoria” at #4; “Life Goes On” at #7; “Filter” at #8; “Mic Drop” (ft. Desiigner) at #18; and “Boy With Luv” (ft. Halsey) at #21.

The next highest-ranking new K-Pop song this week is “Spider” by SEVENTEEN‘s Hoshi! This is his first song as a soloist to make it on the chart, and it spends its debut week at an impressive #5 placement.

The other new soloist song to debut this time around is EXO member Chanyeol‘s “Tomorrow”, which placed at #9. This is the fifth song that he’s had make it onto the Billboard chart as a soloist, though it’s his first that isn’t a collaboration with another artist!

Both “Stay With Me” (with Punch) and “We Young” (with fellow EXO member Sehun) tie for his highest-ranking song at #3, and his other collaboration with Punch, “Go Away Go Away”, peaked at #21. The last song of his, “Yours” with Raiden (ft. Lee Hi and Changmo), reached the #8 position at its peak.

Finally, the last new K-Pop song to make it onto the chart this week is ASTRO‘s new single, “One”, which is ranked at #15 for its debut. This is their sixth song to make it onto the Billboard chart, with “All Night” being their highest-peaking song at #6 in 2019.

Along with all the songs mentioned, there are 6 other K-Pop songs on the chart this week. BLACKPINK takes two of those spots, with “How You Like That” and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” ranking at #12 and #25 respectively. Baekhyun‘s “Bambi” spends its second week on the list at #13, down from #10 last week.

Stray Kids‘ massive hit “God’s Menu” returned to the chart this week, with now 10 weeks total spent on the list and ranked at #10 currently. PSY‘s legendary “Gangnam Style” spends yet another week — its 360th — at #16, and finally, Jessi‘s latest single “What Type of X” comes in at #20 for its fourth week.

Congratulations to all the ranking artists!