BTS Showered RM With The Funniest English Compliments, And His Reaction Was Priceless

We totally agree with them 😂

BTS couldn’t be prouder of their leader, RM!

In an interview with WIRED, the boys answered the most searched questions on the internet about BTS. One such question that they read aloud was, “Who is BTS’s leader?

They immediately pointed to RM who raised his hand proudly.

Hilariously, they then began complimenting him in perfect English, and J-Hope was the first to start! He referenced RM’s high IQ by calling him smart.

Our leader is very smart and very…

— J-Hope

Jimin finished his sentence, saying, “Very kind,” which J-Hope agreed to. “Oh yeah, very kind.

Flexing his muscles, Jimin added, “Very strong.

V also joined in on the compliments and put a hand on RM’s shoulder, praising him for being healthy.

Very healthy.

— V

Next, extending his arms out wide, Jungkook quipped, “Big body.”

Finally, Jimin added the one compliment that had been missing—his good looks!

Very handsome.

— Jimin

It’s funny how all RM did was sit still as they showered him with compliments! Watch the exchange in the full interview below.

Source: WIRED