The University of Sheffield Adopts “Learn! Korean with BTS” Curriculum

The curriculum made its way to Britain.

The University of Sheffield is the first British university to adopt the Learn! Korean with BTS curriculum, and it is proving to be super popular among students.

As one of Britain’s most prestigious universities, Korean Studies has been offered as a degree for forty years, but only recently started offering online Korean classes, which make use of the BTS-featured textbooks.

According to President Lee Geun of the Korea Foundation, the number of students learning Korean has increased dramatically due to interest in BTS and the K-Pop scene in general.

It’s very encouraging that the interest in K-pop and Korean culture is leading people to learn Korean and about Korea.

– Lee Geun

Learn! Korean with BTS was developed last year collaboratively by the Korea Foundation and Big Hit Edu, and there are plans to extend this curriculum to eleven more universities in eight countries.

The University of Sheffield joins a number of universities that already teach Korean aided by Learn! Korean with BTS, including Hanoi National University of Foreign Studies and Thang Long University in Vietnam, Middlebury College in the United States, École Normale Supérieure and Edhec Business School in France, and Ain Shams University in Egypt.

The influential power of BTS is ever-growing, and it’s exciting to imagine what else this global group will accomplish next.

Source: Korea JoongAng Daily