BTS ARMY Choose Singer Lim Young Woong As Their New “Bora Mascot” After A Past Video Resurfaces

They’ve started their “enemies to lovers” arc.

Lim Young Woong is a Korean trot and ballad singer who bested 17,000 applicants in Mr. Trot to win first place. Since his win, Lim Young Woong has won various awards, and his personal YouTube channel has surpassed 1.4 million subscribers. The incredible singer was even listed as one of the top ten most powerful Korean celebrities of 2022 by Forbes Korea.

Lim Young Woong | @im_hero____/Instagram

In fact, Lim Young Woong’s supportive fanbase even stuns BTS‘s ARMY when it comes to fan-voted awards.

But now ARMY are joking that their relationship with Lim Young Woong has become something straight out of the “enemies to lovers” trope now that a wholesome video has resurfaced.

The clip is from a series of Lim Young Woong’s Reload, uploaded in April 2022, when the singer was visiting London and riding a double-decker bus. While filming on the bus, some fans recognized him, and one even asked for a photo.

Fan: You don’t know how big, famous you are in Israel? All the girls like you. See how she (the fan asking for a picture) recognized you.

| 임영웅/YouTube 

In response to being recognized, Lim Young Woong asked the fan if she knew BTS.

Lim Young Woong: Do you like BTS?

Fan: Yes.

| 임영웅/YouTube 

And Lim Young Woong told the camera that it was “thanks to BTS” that he got recognized internationally.

Lim Young Woong: I got lucky thanks to BTS.

| 임영웅/YouTube 

Because of his wholesome appreciation for BTS, ARMY are joking that Lim Young Woong is now their “new bora mascot.”

You can watch the clip here.

Source: 임영웅