BTS Listed Down The Things They Did In Quarantine, And They’re Total #ProductivityGoals

They did more than just rest.

BTS released their first ever fully English song “Dynamite” on August 21. They had a jam packed day full of interviews, online broadcasts, a press conference, and more.

One notable interview they did was with the YouTube channel Zach Sang Show where they were asked questions on the process of making “Dynamite”, the future of their music, and of course, what they did during quarantine.

There could be growth in the darkness we’ve all been facing. So my question is, over the last few months, what did you learn about yourself and what did you guys learn about one another?

—  Zach Sang Show

It was Suga who answered the question first, saying he was thankful for the free time he was given over the last few months.

I think we tried a lot of new things. Before, I didn’t have as much time as I have now. So the past few months, it was time for me to look into and get to know myself better [and] try things I’ve always wanted to try.

— Suga

After revealing that he plays guitar in order to pass time, the other members began arguing about how many hours a day Suga practices!

Jungkook: He practices really hard.

Jin: Yeah, Suga practices ten hours a day!

Suga: No, not that much.

Jin: Eight hours.

Jungkook: Six!

Suga wasn’t the only productive member of BTS. Jungkook said he also plans to learn guitar with his hyung and work on his drawing skills.

Jimin, lastly, shared that he focused on practice like the other members of the group during the break.

I practice with everyone else and think about what I could do.

— Jimin

When it comes to BTS as a whole, the quarantine period was an opportunity to bond.

As for the members, we became even closer.

— Suga

It was definitely a productive rest for everyone. Check out the full interview below!