BTS Delivers Flirty One-Liners To ARMYs In Japanese And It’s Totally Heart-Fluttering

Which member will make your heart skip a beat?

BTS tried their best to make fans’ hearts skip a beat in a recent Japanese interview with Music Blood. Each member gave it a go in their own unique style. Check out what they said below!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

J-Hope started off with his endearing signature phrase, “ARMY is my hope.”

Suga took a long pause after saying ARMY’s name and uttered “I love you” with a sexy voice.

Jin decided to do what he does best: Comedy! A dramatic bow and a “thank you” later, his necklace almost landed on his face!

Jungkook used clever wordplay when saying “I ARMY you,” replacing the phrase ai shiteiru (I love you) with “ARMY shiteiru!”

Meanwhile, V went with his own sentimental phrase “I purple you” in Japanese!

Jimin showed his cute charms, professing his love…

…and RM ended everything with a heart and kiss!