BTS Was Shown A Debut Picture Of Themselves, And Their Reactions Couldn’t Have Been More Different

There was one thing that stood out the most!

BTS returned to Jimmy Fallon‘s Tonight Show to talk about their latest track, “Permission to Dance,” being nominated for a Grammy award and even clarified some rumors for fans!

During the interview, the group discussed how they would feel when they could finally perform in front of fans. Jimmy Fallon joked that the group might want to wear sunglasses because it would probably be an emotional performance.

At first, it seemed like a passing comment, but, as expected, Jimmy had something else up his sleeve on the topic of sunglasses. He showed BTS and the audience a picture of the band from eight years ago during their first show.

In particular, Jimmy noticed that someone was wearing sunglasses in a very dark setting, so he asked the group which member it was. Although the members seemed less enthusiastic about it, RM honestly admitted that he was rocking the shades.

Yet, while RM thought it was hilarious, his members had other ideas, with Jimin having to turn around and Jin booing their group leader’s fashion choice.

Although it was only eight years ago, some of the members focused more on how much they had changed since 2013. Suga pointed out that they looked so much younger in the image. and Jungkook pointed out that the members had grown a lot since then and that they all turned out well, while RM pointed out that, “I think we got handsome.”

There is no denying that the image was a trip down memory lane but, even if the members have changed visually, they’re still as genuine, down-to-earth, and talented as they’ve always been. You can watch the whole video below.

Source: The Tonight Show