BTS Release Gorgeous Photo Teasers For Their Comeback

BTS have officially released their new vibrant and youthful concept photos for their upcoming comeback mini album entitled Wings: You Never Walk Alone.

BTS released their concept photos for their upcoming comeback, Wings: You Never Walk Alone today on social media. The album is set to be an extension of their Wings concept, released last October. The group revealed their new hairstyles, which match the vibrant and youthful theme of the new album. The confetti falling around the members and the colorful paint also give the photos a much brighter concept than their previous album.

These photos are from the pink version of the album, and the second version – set to come in a mint green color – is still yet to be released.  Alongside individual concept photos, BTS also released three group concept looks.

Wings: You Never Walk Alone will be released later this month on February 13th – just ahead of their upcoming world tour.

J-Hope looks the happiest he’s ever been in these concept photos.
Jimin‘s pink pastel hair looks amazing. He fits that style perfectly.
Jin‘s style this comeback makes him look so cool.
Jungkook is definitely not a kid anymore. He looks like a very cool man now.
Rap Monster totally suits pastel colored hair.
Suga looks good in absolutely any hairstyle.
V looks so cool it’s hard to believe he’s the same silly V we know and love.

Source: BigHit Entertainment