BTS Releases Remaining Members’ “Butter” Concept Clip Teasers

Solo clips for J-Hope, Jimin, and V have been revealed!

BTS has released three concept clip teasers in one day for their upcoming single “Butter!”

Big Hit Music released a short solo video for J-Hope at 11:00 AM (EST). Shots of him dancing illuminated by color-changing lights alternate with him holding a lollipop before dropping it, leaving it broken.

His video was followed by two more. The first being of Jimin, dressed in a shiny black top. He drinks an orange beverage in between dance moves.

Last but not least, V is the final member to get a solo concept clip. Also dressed entirely in black, just the same as the members before him, his concept clip is one of the most complex. He not only dances but he shows a photo strip to the camera. He also eats some gummies before spilling them.

As was the case with the previous concept clips, the videos link to the first “Butter” concept teaser photo. J-Hope’s clip links him to the crushed lollipop, Jimin’s links him to the glass and beverage being poured, and V’s links him to the spilled gummies.


Previously, Big Hit Music released videos for RM, Jungkook, Jin, and Suga. Their clips linked them to the confetti, bread and butter, balloons, and camera, respectively. While the concept is still very mysterious, psychedelic video clips provoke one to wonder if they will be continuing the retro concept from “Dynamite.”

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