BTS Reportedly Brought In Over $71 Million USD In Revenue From Their 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo”

BTS is rich, rich.

BTS reportedly were able to pull in a staggering ₩80.0 billion KRW (about $71.6 million USD) during their two day 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo.”

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

According to an exclusive report from Maeil Kyungjae, BTS’s two day MUSTER brought in at least ₩80.0 billion KRW (about $71.6 million USD). Based on Big Hit Music‘s press release, where they announced that 1.33 million people from 195 different countries tuned in to “Sowoozoo,” Maeil Kyungjae was able to estimate the revenue brought in. Since a normal MUSTER ticket was ₩49,500 KRW (about $44.30 USD) and a 4K ticket was ₩59,500 KRW (about $53.30 USD), ticket sales alone brought in between ₩65.8 billion KRW (about $59.0 million USD) and ₩79.1 billion KRW (about $70.9 million USD). In addition, the sale of merchandise and various goods such as the ARMY Bomb bring the estimated revenue total to over ₩80.0 billion KRW (about $71.6 million USD).

BTS’s 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo” brought a series of unforgettable moments as well as some hilarious ones. Naturally, with over one million fans watching, there were bound to be some great fan reactions. Now go re-watch some of the best moments, and see what you may have missed the first time.

Source: Maeil Kyungjae