BTS Reveal Why They Don’t Want To Greet ARMY At Their First Post-Pandemic Concert— Their Reason Will Make You Emotional

Let’s be real, we’ll all be crying.

After sharing that they wish to perform “ON” as the first song at their first post-pandemic concert, BTS unexpectedly admit that they don’t want to greet ARMY after their first performance.


Jimin explains that greeting ARMY would make them emotional, and they would rather perform for them.

Instead of greeting them, we’re just going to do one song after another, since we haven’t been able to perform for so long.

— Jimin


All the members agreed that they would definitely be emotional when the time came.

Suga: Everyone would end up crying if we were to greet them.

J-Hope: We’d perform in tears.

Shin Dong Yup: You can’t do that for 3 hours!

Jimin: Our voices wouldn’t come out!


RM joked that he wanted their interaction with ARMY to be like a WWE pro-wrestling match.

Jokes aside, J-Hope admitted that he couldn’t wait to perform in front of ARMY again and hear their cheers.

When concerts can finally be held again, BTS don’t have to worry about being the only ones crying, because ARMY will definitely be crying as well.