The BTS Members Reveal How Working Out Helps Them Deal With Stress

ARMYs love to hear this! 💪

In a recent interview with BBC, the BTS members revealed their go-to methods for dealing with stress.

| @Bangtan.Official/Facebook

Instantly, many of the members shouted out the same answer: Working out!

Jimin shared the immediate physical and mental health benefits of having a good sweat.

After you go for a run and sweat, your mood gets better and you sleep better.

— Jimin

Suga also revealed his recent love of exercise since it helps him get rid of stress.

Members like Jungkook have always been vocal about their love for working out.

Recently, ARMYs have noticed not only J-Hope‘s changing physique

| @rosehope218/Twitter

…but also V‘s new muscles as well!

Basically, these guys are all about fitness!

Their recent interest in working out has caused ARMY to joke about shutting down the gym. Check out the hilarious story below!

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