BTS Reveals What The Best Word In The World Is…According To Them That Is

They need permission from their dance leader to skip practice.

After BTS took the honor of the No.1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with their new track “Dynamite,” they came on a live stream to thank fans and wish Jungkook a happy birthday.

| @bts_bighit/Twitter

Before ending the live stream, they revealed that they turned on the live just to say thank you and that they were going right back to practicing after turning it off.

But then, the members slowly began to ask if they should skip practice as it was a special day for them and their fans. Jin then revealed what to them, was the best word in the entire world; ‘Oh-Ahn-Chwee (O.A.C)’ (Today’s practice canceled).

Suga responded, “Oh-an-chwee (O.A.C).” RM asked, “Have you heard of O.A.C before?”

J-Hope, who is known as BTS’s dance leader and a very diligent plan man responded with, “Let’s ask about this after the live stream is over.”

Suga continues to push for not having practice. “Hey but on a day like this~”

Jin: If J-Hope approves we can skip practice

Jimin: Truthfully, 90% is J-Hope’s opinion when it comes to skipping practice

RM states that if PC bang’s (LAN gaming center) were open they would’ve skipped practice and gone there to play a game of Starcraft.

Suga then tries to play it smooth stating that he’s usually one that’s all for practice, but thought today was a special day.

Suga: I’m usually the type to be all for practice but…

RM: What? You’re usually the type that’s for practice?

But just by seeing their social media accounts, we can see that the boys have continued to practice for their performances in order to bring a clean and high-quality stage for their fans!