BTS Reveals How They Hid Expressions Of Love Towards ARMY In The Music Video For “Butter”

Did you manage to spot them?

During the press conference for “Butter” on May 21, 2021, the boys of BTS revealed that they had hidden various signs of their love for fans in the music video.

J-Hope shared that the song itself is cute and energetic, so the choreography incorporated moves such as hand kisses and sweeping their hair back. The lyrics of the song itself is a cute confession song, with the boys claiming they’ll slide into your hearts just like butter! Check out the hand kiss choreography J-Hope mentioned.

On the other hand, Jin revealed that he had worked with Jungkook to hide a small sign for ARMY in the music video. 

In the music video, we put in the love we have for you guys. We tried to express “ARMY” and Jungkook and I tried to form a letter “A”. However, it didn’t look like an “A” so we tried changing it and I think the result is a little better.

— Jin

The result was an entire sign for ARMY, as spelled out by the boys.

Did you manage to spot the signs? If not, check out their music video below and try to spot the parts mentioned!

Source: Star Today