BTS’s RM Reassures ARMYs With Updates Since Testing Positive For COVID-19

Wishing a quick and full recovery for him! 🙏

On December 24, BIGHIT MUSIC released an official statement announcing that BTS’s Suga had tested positive for COVID-19. A day later, fellow members, Jin and RM, tested positive too.

From left: BTS’s Suga, Jin, and RM. | BIGHIT MUSIC

All members are vaccinated, and the only member to be experiencing symptoms so far has been Jin. Yet, BIGHIT MUSIC assured fans that they were all quarantined and receiving treatments.

| Weverse
| Weverse

Still, ARMYs can’t help but worry, knowing that COVID-19 is a deadly virus. So, Suga took to Weverse recently to reassure those concerned for him.

I’m very much okay 🙂 don’t worry too much!

— Suga

| Weverse

RM later came onto Weverse to update ARMYs of his conditions as well. He responded to Suga’s post, as seen above, responding that he is doing good too.

i’m also doing very well ^^^^

— RM

| Weverse

He also posted with a simple “oh..” ARMYs suspect he’s live-reacting to the latest Mnet‘s Street Dance Girls Fighter.

Since then, he has also been posting his remaining photos from his United States trip to Instagram, as well as some sexy shots from his recent shoot for Vogue Korea and GQ Korea.

I don’t have any more pictures now…

— RM

Lastly, he wished V a happy birthday on Twitter! So sweet.

We continue to wish him a speedy recovery along with Suga and Jin!

Source: Weverse