BTS’s RM Reveals His Favorite Artist And What Seeing His Paintings In Person Meant To Him

RM personally visited the National Gallery to see the paintings.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1, BTS talked about visiting the U.K. in the past, and RM even revealed that he saw his favorite artist’s paintings there!

BTS’s RM | @BTS_twt/Twitter

The topic was brought up when they were asked, “What is your favorite thing about the U.K?Jimin personally found the streets, buildings, and bridges pretty.

I was there with some of my friends, and we all walked around together. The streets and buildings were so pretty. And the bridge too, of course.

— Jimin

V had looked forward to visiting the U.K. for a long time, and when the day finally arrived, the first thing that he did was to wander around the streets.

It was a country that I’d really wanted to visit, so as soon as I arrived, I wandered around the streets.

— V

RM then revealed that what he cherishes the most from the trip was seeing the work of his favorite artist, Joseph Mallord William Turner. Turner is one of the world’s most famous English Romantic artists.

Joseph Mallord William Turner’s renowned painting “The Fighting Temeraire” | The National Gallery

To see Turner’s work in person, RM visited the National Gallery in London. He called the entire experience “a dream come true.”

For me, my favorite artist is William Turner. I visited the National Gallery, and there were lots of Turner’s paintings. Seeing that was a dream come true.

— RM

Source: BBC Radio 1