BTS’s RM Can’t Resist Clowning Bang Si Hyuk…Even When He’s Developing A Video Game

BTS never passes up a chance to tease Hitman Bang!

BTS‘s RM simply can’t pass up a chance to tease Bang Si Hyuk (also known as Bang PD and Hitman Bang)!

BTS’s RM | BTS/Weverse

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In the latest episode of “BTS Become Game Developers,” the members were tasked with creating puzzles for inclusion in the upcoming In the SEOM video game.

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Each member was paired up with a game developer to create their puzzles.

The developers told the members that they could create the puzzles in any shapes that they wanted, and RM’s developer partner told him to think of the puzzle as a giant work of pixel art.

After the developer explained how to approach the puzzle creation, RM mentioned that he already had a shape in mind for his puzzle, and he showed the developer his reference photo.

When the members showed their puzzles to one another, RM hilariously revealed that his puzzle was called “Beat Bang Si Hyuk.” The puzzle was even shaped like Bang Si Hyuk’s face.

The other members cracked up when they heard the name and realized that the puzzle was shaped like Bang Si Hyuk.

Although RM’s puzzle was super funny, he put a lot of thought into it, too. The key point of the puzzle was to get rid of the poisonous mushrooms at the bottom of the screen.

Of course, RM’s puzzle wasn’t the first time the members couldn’t resist poking fun at Bang Si Hyuk. They love imitating his infamous “ayo Hitman Bang introduces” line whenever they can!


 Jungkook also drew a hilarious line drawing of Bang Si Hyuk back in 2014 that the members recreate whenever they get the chance.

Jungkook | BTS/Weverse

The drawing was even included in Suga/Agust D‘s “Daechwita” music video!


Check out the full episode of “BTS Become Game Developers” below.